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We are Alex and Charlotte, a British couple living in the Swiss Alps. The White Peak Collection is a platform for us to offer our Skiing and Travel Advice services, channel our love for the mountains and share our adventures.

The next few years will be a process of development for us at White Peak, and we are incredibly excited to see how things will evolve. For now though, we hope you enjoy getting lost in the mountains with us.

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Powder skiing in front of the Matterhorn

Skiing is a huge part of our lives, it was how we first met, and it was the initial inspiration for White Peak.

Alex works with Summit Ski and Snowboard School in Zermatt and has been teaching with them since 2017.

Please get in contact to ski with Alex.

Based on our years of experience in Zermatt and the ski industry, we are offering a free travel advice service to help make your trip to Zermatt unforgettable. Whether you are looking to find the best pizza in town or the best 5-star hotel, we've got you covered.

Sunset over zermatt, Matterhorn, mountain town
Woman wearing headband

Our headband design is inspired by our personal experience in the mountains. We both have long hair, often tied back, and find headbands work much better than beanies; no hat hair and no hair in your face. They're perfect for either a day tour into the backcountry or a coffee in town.


This limited edition run of headbands will be available in Autumn 2021 to raise money for Blackdog Outdoors, a charity we feel very passionate about.

"You are not in the mountains. The mountains are in you."

John Muir

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